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My Online Business Strategy | An Honest and Full Review

2010 October 21

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My Online Business Strategy – “An Online Business System So Powerful You Can Make Sales Before Your Web Sites Are Ever Finished”

Welcome to M.O.B.S – An “Honest” and “Ethical”  system so “Revolutionary”, the buzz on the Internet has literally been “unprecedented” ………….

Hey everyone, Doug here……

I want to wish you a warm welcome to my FULL and UNCENSORED review of Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system for making money online. Before I dive into the review, I just want to ask you one thing……are you looking for an HONEST review by someone who has actually USED the M.O.B.S system?

If the answer to that question is YES, then you have arrived at the right place!  I have actually built and seen results from My Online Business Strategy websites.    And my goal is to provide you ACCURATE and IN DEPTH information based on someone who has actually used the system.

To re-emphasize, I am providing to you a REVIEW about My Online Business Strategy.

What Is My Online Business Strategy?

My Online Business Strategy is an online marketing system that is the “brainchild” of , Gary Gregory, who is one of the most remarkable internet marketers I have had the pleasure of knowing. To learn more about this “world class” guy…Click Here To Learn More About Gary!

M.O.B.S is a FULL online business marketing system comprised of simple, yet very effective white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) processes that yields Gary, a 6 figure annual income alone!  Why has the My Online Business Strategy worked so well for Gary?

For over a 2 year period, Gary has experimented and tweaked his overall My Online Business Strategy processes and arranged them in effective steps so that his M.O.B.S. websites:

  • DOMINATE Google Rankings easily!
  • Experience TREMENDOUS amounts of search TRAFFIC from pure “organic” searches.
  • Require MINIMAL off page SEO (Note:  You will have to do some off page SEO.  But not even CLOSE to the amount other people have to do with LESS effective systems)

In a nutshell, that is all My Online Business Strategy really is.  A tried and true, thoroughly tested set of processes designed in a very simple system for creating Search Engine dominating websites.  Of which can potentially make you “BOATLOADS” of money with “TONS” of FREE traffic.  Plain and Simple!

Please note above, I quoted “potentially”.  In my personal experience using Gary’s system, I learned M.O.B.S is this!  M.O.B.S is NOT:

  • A “get rich quick scheme”
  • A system that yields “false promises” or results “to good to be true” or outright “lies”
  • A system with missing gaps that leave you hanging with questions the creator or support won’t answer
  • A scam type product that is broken
  • A system for those who “don’t want to put in the effort”

Please re-read the above statement in red.  I learned that My Online Business Strategy is a “real” and “ethical” internet marketing system WAY BEYOND ANY other type of make money online system I’ve ever tried! And “yes” George, I love ya man but that includes Google Sniper!

SO, I will be honest and tell you this now!  Based on my personal experience, if you don’t feel like putting forth the “effort” and “work ethic” into using the M.O.B.S system, you might as well leave this page right now!

And go back to using the “scammy”, “broken” systems that promise you “sudden” riches and Internet “domination” with little to, no effort.  From the results I’ve seen, I think you will find yourself coming back to “My Online Business Strategy”

Yes! Give Me My Online Business Strategy Now!

My Online Business Strategy

My Experience Creating My Online Business Strategy Websites

If you have had an opportunity to follow my website here, I have made a few posts regarding my M.O.B.S website testing and the results I was getting from that work.

As I made progress constructing the My Online Business Strategy beta test websites, in a nutshell, here is what I experienced that might help you in deciding if this system is for you.

  • The websites are very “NON-TECHNICAL” to setup.  So EASY and SIMPLE, in fact,  a complete Internet “newbie” can setup a M.O.B.S website in a matter of minutes.
  • You do NOT have to be an “expert” in the niche (topic) you build your M.O.B.S sites around
  • I only had to use “FREE” tools to build a M.O.B.S websites.  Only pennies to sign up for a webhosting company and register a domain. (<–Necessary costs of doing business) No more costs involved!
  • A My Online Business Strategy website CAN and WILL rank very high “Quickly” with “minimal” off page SEO, or backlinking
  • Can realistically start “earning money” while the site is still under construction

Ease Of Use - I am actually NOT a technical kind of person.  My background is “accounting” and liberal arts so anything related to building websites is NOT my cup of tea.  But Gary simplified the way of creating the backbone of a M.O.B.S website by using Wordpress.  Once you set up your first Wordpress M.O.B.S site, you will have already become an expert and can do more sites in a matter of minutes.  Wordpress is “that” simple folks!  I was able to setup my 2 My Online Business Strategy websites in less than 30 minutes tops! That included registering my domain name too.

But you ask, Wordpress is a blogging platform.  How will people come to trust what you say in a “blog” to buy what you are marketing.  Ah, that is where Gary instructs you to make some brilliant changes.  Whereby, you use some very easy HTML “tricks” to make the blog, look just like a regular website!  But NO WORRIES! The little bit of HTML you have to tweak is all spelled out for you in the M.O.B.S material and very simple!

Niche (Topic) Expertise – The 2 M.O.B.S sites I built marketed products I had absolutely “no clue” about before building the sites.  One dealt with “Women’s Health” issues and I’m certainly not a woman. :)   But Gary teaches you the perfect solutions that you can use to create content for your site on any product or topic possible. I learned I did not have to be a perfect writer, nor did I ever come up with writer’s block when thinking about what to say on my sites. The My Online Business Strategy methods of creating website content are easy, very specific, perfect for those who have a hard time putting thoughts into words.

FREE Tools – Another huge advantage I found was that all of the tools Gary suggests for building a M.O.B.S website are 100% FREE.  The object here is to make the “most money” at minimal costs.  I certainly didn’t have a lot of money to spend on building a website.  But no worries here!  There are FREE tools to do your niche and keyword research, tools to build the M.O.B.S sites from, FREE tools for creating site content just to name a few.  So site creation won’t cost much of anything except for webhosting service and registering your domain (which is IMPOSSIBLE to get around, but dirt cheap to do)

M.O.B.S. Site RankingAs you will see from my “beta” test updates, the My Online Business Strategy processes result in a website that is VERY, VERY powerful when it comes to ranking in the Search Engines.  Gary’s system fuels its power just off pure on page SEO techniques and content alone. I followed Gary’s instruction for on page SEO and structuring website content to the “letter”.  And you want to talk about RESULTS? My first site ranked as high as #3 for it’s keyword in a matter of 2 WEEKS! With NO off page SEO or backlinking techniques applied.  What does this mean?  FASTER RANKING = MORE TRAFFIC = QUICKER SALES!

FAST SALESUsing the My Online Business Strategy system can “possibly” having you earning money BEFORE you ever finish a M.O.B.S site.  And that is exactly what I experienced.  To read more, Click Here To Read My First Sale

Now, in all honest, I left my beta test site in it’s current stage when the sale was made to see if Gary’s claim of making “Work In Process” sales was true.  I had not worked on the site for a few weeks.  In Gary’s case, he has produced proof that he has made sales on unfinished M.O.B.S sites while under construction on a day to day basis.  Now, that is really TRUE POWER! But yes, this result is totally possible using the My Online Business Strategy system.

Click Here To Get Your Copy Of M.O.B.S

What Do You Get With My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business StrategyIn this portion of my review, I wanted to briefly explain what you will be getting with your My Online Business Strategy material.  I actually built my M.O.B.S. sites BEFORE Gary ever provided me documented instructions.  But I have had a chance to review the materials to provide you some details here.

With M.O.B.S, you will receive a My Online Business Strategy Manual Guide that will set “new” standards when it comes to instruction guides.  Here’s how:

  • A precisely detailed step-by-step, A to Z set of instructions for you to follow
  • There are NO gaps in explaining how M.O.B.S works.  NONE!
  • Gary explains the system in “layman’s” term.  Very easy to followVery easy to understand!
  • The manual is strategically structured and the content very organized
  • Gary formatted the sections so that the previous section was an immediate pre-requisite to the next section.  Making it much, much easier to understand My Online Business Strategy and see the big picture
  • Very “newbie” friendly

The My Online Business Strategy Manual Guide is broken down into 9 Well Organized Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Niche & Keyword Research – You learn the basics of the 2 most important aspects of building an effective M.O.B.S website.  And learn about the FREE tools you will use to find your niches and keywords.  Guys, if you ever read Gary’s Google Sniper Keyword Research Report and loved it, this section is pure GOLD for learning how to choose the proper keywords that will earn you HUGE amounts of money!

Chapter 2 – Choosing the best "Google Adwords Agency” for your business website – I would highlighly recommend this company to take care of your Google Adwords management.

Chapter 3 – Content – A beautifully written Chapter that teaches you how to write effective “killer” sales content without you having to be an expert about your M.O.B.S site topic.  This Chapter can’t be overlooked!

Chapter 4Preparing your My Online Business Strategy website for the Search Engines – All about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and preparing your site structure to conquer the Search Engines.

Chapter 5 – Affiliate Links – learn the basics of affiliate links, cloaking, calls to action, etc.

Chapter 6 – How to create you M.O.B.S. site – Step By Step – this is where you learn how to turn a “blog” into a “real” looking website!

Chapter 7 – M.O.B.S. Extras – how to get your My Online Business Strategy site indexed FAST, building a list, using video, backlinking, etc.  Some really “COOL” stuff in this chapter!

Chapter 8 – Outsourcing – Very advanced topic.  To be used ONLY after you have started making money with your M.O.B.S websites.

Chapter 9 – Learn how to make a Full Time Income with M.O.B.S – This is a CAN’T MISS Chapter.  Gary teaches you exactly what you need to know here to kick your day job to the curb and tell your old boss goodbye! :)

My Online Business Strategy


You will also receive 3 nicely done tutorial videos with personal instruction from Gary.

These 3 videos were created to provide to you extra emphasis and visual support for some of the more important aspects of learning the My Online Business Strategy system.

Also, there were a few, sudden, and unexpected events to occur after the My Online Business Strategy Manual Guide was made final.  Gary teaches you in the guide how to properly use what is “now” the old version of the Google Keyword Research Tool.  Well, Google has developed a NEW Keyword Research tool and has removed the old version from existence.  Up until a few days ago, you could access “both” versions.  With the “old version” being the better tool in my opinion.

However, Gary was awesome to create a video tutorial on the the proper use of the “NEW” Google Keyword Research Tool with the My Online Business Strategy system.

I should also tell you that Gary will product a video tutorial on ANY aspect of the M.O.B.S system if you feel one would help you better understand his system.

M.O.B.S Customer Support

As part of my review, I did not want to forget a vital part of the My Online Business Strategy system that I personally feel will BREAK GROUND and set UNPRECEDENTED trends in the world of make money online systems.  In comparison to other internet marketing products I’ve purchased, the CUSTOMER SUPPORT aspect of M.O.B.S. will be the talk of the industry.

Customer Support

One of the biggest frustrations with phony and scam type internet marketing products touted by the so-called “gurus” is their “Customer Support” feature, or lack thereof.

I will say this!  If you know Gary, you know he is a people person.  He does not believe in putting out for sale, a “bogus” product, with his name attached,  that touts “wild claims” only to make a buck.  Gary wants to support you!  He has become successful in Internet Marketing.  His goal now is to help “others” achieve the same success he has.  Hence, the reason behind releasing My Online Business Strategy.

Gary does not want you, the consumer of his system, to be forgotten after you purchase M.O.B.S.  So he has created a “World Class” Customer Support function to help you with ANY problems you might have with his system!  My Online Business Strategy customer support will consist of the following:

  • A 24 hour LIVE toll free phone number to call and speak to a “real” person.  The best part is Gary himself will MAN the line “at times”.  So there is a real possiblity you will get to talk to the creator of M.O.B.S :)   How many make money online systems have you had that opportunity?
  • A M.O.B.S Support Forum staffed by an industry leading SEO Expert and a Lead Trainer recognized as a top Business and Personal Development Expert who has personally worked with many large business corporations and online businesses.  The Forum will also be comprised of several M.O.B.S Staff Experts who will be there to assist you with ANY aspect of the My Online Business Strategy system.
  • A M.O.B.S. Blog where Gary will be posting M.O.B.S updates and info and talk about various “Help” topics dictated by you, the consumer.

So, as you can see, Gary has pulled out all the stops to help you as much as he possibly can to be successful with the M.O.B.S system.  I will admit, I will be part of the M.O.B.S Forum Support staff and I do personally know the other members of that staff.  Gary has assembled a fantastic group of people who will be there to help you succeed!

Spirit Quilts

Another aspect of My Online Business Strategy that is truly unique is it’s charitable aspect.  Gary is going to contribute 25% of the NET PROFIT from M.O.B.S sales to a wonderful charity run by his wife, JayaMae, called Spirit Quilts

Spirit Quilts makes homemade quilts and provides them to members of the community who are very sick or less fortunate in their needs.  This group also has a fantastic kids program where children help with making quilts.  Then they provide those quilts to other peers their age who are not as fortunate as they or very sick.

I have NEVER seen any internet marketing product make such a “heartfelt” gesture.  This shows the kind of person Gary Gregory is.  Not only will M.O.B.S be there to possibly help you success with your online business. But it will exist to help others who need the help and the warmth.

Read The Spirit Quilt Guestbook to see how lives are being touched!

So, now is My Online Business Strategy the perfect fit for you?

My Final Conclusion

In all honestly, Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system is NOT PERFECT! As with all online marketing systems it does have it’s flaws and does overlook some other well known internet marketing strategies that could make it ever better. But at the end of the day, Gary’s M.O.B.S system is well-refined, simple to use,  and perfected to the point, that anyone can make it the ONLY foundation of their online business.

I hope at this point, you understand what you will receive with the M.O.B. S. system.  But please understand this………

As simple and easy as it was to create my websites, I had to put the time, effort, and work into it.  M.O.B.S will only be as successful as the effort you put into it.  My Online Business Strategy is NOT the lottery and it’s not something it’s made out to be based on claims of sudden riches, fame and false promises.

Expect to work with My Online Business Strategy.  Treat it like a full-time job just as you would an off line brick and mortar job.

But know this!  If you put the time and effort into this system.  And do exactly what Gary instructs you to do.  You CAN be as or more successful than Gary Gregory!  Making more money than you ever imagined!

Once you do the work and your site starts raking in the CASH, then you are at the point where you NEVER have to touch that M.O.B.S website again.  All the while, it generates you LARGE sums of INCOME on a daily basis on complete AUTO PILOT.

“My Online Business Strategy is  a breakthrough system that teaches ALL you need to know about building effective websites which can generate LARGE amounts of income fast!”

I feel really blessed and fortunate to have been able to experience My Online Business Strategy for myself in order to give you this review.  I have already made the important decision to make building M.O.B.S website the center and “focus” of my online business. 

I hope My Online Business Strategy review was very helpful to you!  And remember, there is no reason to fail with M.O.B.S if you follow Gary’s instructions, step-by-step.

To Your Success,


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My Online Business Strategy

BREAKING NEWS!! MOBS Launch Date Announced!!

2010 October 4

My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business Strategy

Hi everyone…Doug Taylor here,

I have just received word from Gary Gregory that he will release his My Online Business Strategy system on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 12:00 Noon EST! So……………

Mark  Your Calendars!

MOBS Launch Date – October 21, 2010 at 12:00 EST Noon!

This means the launch of what will be the first full Step By Step A – Z, efficient, and effective system for making money online is just around the corner!

This is an exciting time in the world of Affiliate and Internet Marketing everyone.  This summer has been marred with the likes of “scam”, “useless”, and “poor quality” Internet Marketing systems released by some of the big name “gurus” whose only goal is to make money themselves.  And not help YOU achieve your dream of being successful online.My Online Business Strategy is all about YOU.  Gary wants to help those who have struggled to be successful at working online.  He does not aim to take advantage of you nor just setup MOBS up for another release.  MOBS is here and it’s here to stay for the long term indefinite future.

You will have access to a “World Class” Live Customer Support line plus a MOBS Forum that is absolutely unbelievable.  It will be staffed by Qualified MOBS Trainers and an SEO Expert that will blow you away with his knowledge.

So with that said guys………………………………

REMEMBER!! MOBS Launch Date!

October 21 at 12:00 Noon EST

Mark It On Your Calendars NOW!

My Online Business Strategy

Upcoming My Online Business Strategy Review!

Just a few days before Launch on October 21st, I will be posting my full, detailed and comprehensive My Online Business Strategy Review for you to check out.  This will be the ONLY MOBS review you will find ANYWHERE online provided by someone who has been involved with My Online Business Strategy BEFORE it was ever announced to a select group of MOBS Charter VIPs.

Gary handpicked me as a former student of his to beta test the My Online Business Strategy system.  And provide feedback from my test results in order to get the thoughts and perspective from a customer users’ standpoint.  I have already personally built 2 MOBS sites and watched them as they matured into a very powerful force.  To see how the testing went, feel free to check out this surprising My Online Business Strategy Testing Update.

But to see the real POWER of the MOBS system, see where this My Online Business Strategy website made a sale even though the site was yet unfinished.

In addition, I personally have been provided inside access and reviewed all beta and final versions of the MOBS system.  This coupled with the fact that I’ve actually built 2 MOBS sites has allowed me to become extremely experienced, more than any other person, with every single little aspect of Gary’s My Online Business Strategy system.

One way to find out is to get ready early for the MOBS Release and grab My Online Business Strategy Pre-Launch Tutorial Videos.

There I show you “exactly” how to do take care of the simple “technical” aspects of building a MOBS website.  So all you have to do is get the MOBS system and you have a HUGE head start.

In addition, you can find me as a My Online Business Strategy Staff Member on the MOBS Forum that you will have FREE access too.  If you have questions about any aspect of the MOBS system, feel free to find me “lurking” over there. And  I will be more than happy to help you out personally.

I truly believe these aspects will give you the best, “most unique” opportunity to provide you guys a detailed, comprehensive My Online Business Strategy Review.

I will be posting my MOBS Review in the days leading up the October 21 Launch, so stay, tuned and subscribe to my RSS Feed for updates.

My Online Business Strategy Bonuses!

I am also extremely excited to be providing you a set of what I can 100% guarantee you, without a shadow of a doubt, are the best, most useful My Online Business Strategy Bonuses that you can find anywhere.  There won’t be any MOBS bonuses anywhere that will top what is in store for you guys!  I will be slowly releasing in the days ahead what is included in my MOBS Bonus package.  So keep checking the My Online Business Strategy Bonus page for more info in the coming days.   These are 100% unique, high quality, and will be very useful to you as you work with the MOBS system.

My Online Business Strategy Bonus CONTEST!

Finally!…I have put together a little fun MOBS Contest for you guys who get to receive my My Online Business Strategy Bonuses!  All I will say at this point is I think you will find the GRAND PRIZE to be pretty cool!  The contest won’t be hard, very simple and only for those who receive my MOBS Bonuses.  So stay tuned to my MOBS Bonus page for more info!

My Online Business Strategy

That’s it guys!  My Online Business Strategy is coming soon!

Speak with you again soon everyone.

Your Friend,


My Online Business Strategy

MOBS Forum | A Trend Setter

2010 September 23

Click Here! And Pave Your Way To Success Via The MOBS Forum

World Class Customer Support Is Just A Click Away!

Hi everyone….Doug here,

Today, I just wanted to talk a little about the My Online Business Strategy Forum as it pertains to the overall MOBS Community.  To learn more about the MOBS Community please feel free to check out my post here titled  My Online Business Strategy | More Than A Great Online Business System – It’s A Community!

In a nutshell, the MOBS Forums will be a TREND SETTER for systems that teach you how to make money online.  I had the opportunity, just yesterday, to learn a whole lot more on how this forum will help you become successful, not only with the My Online Business Strategy system, but with your overall online business.

What MOBS will give you is a FREE revolutionary support system that will guide you every step of the way with the MOBS system.  Gary Gregory and everyone on the Support Staff are 100% committed to seeing you succeed.  As Gary put it yesterday, the team is willing to “hold your hand if need be.”

Myself and the many online business friends and peers I have made over the last year have bought product after product after product that failed to deliver on the Customer Support end.  This is one aspect that will make My Online Business Strategy 100% unique.  It’s Support feature and commitment to seeing you succeed.

My Online Business Strategy

Now, let’s talk more about the MOBS Forum itself.

Here are the benefits you will get with the Forum:

  • Access to Gary Gregory, the MOBS Creator.  He will post often and you can ask him questions personally.
  • Access to some of the leading SEO experts in the internet and affiliate marketing industry
  • Access to experts that will focus on an individualized aspect of building a MOBS site.  For example, you will have access to people who are experts at keyword/niche research, others who specialize in graphic design, others who are good at creating articles, even other experts who are good at CPanel, Wordpress, Plugins, etc.  You get the picture.
  • Access to a whole host of My Online Business Strategy support trainers.  These individuals can help train you through the MOBS process from beginning to end.  If there is a particular trainer you like personally, then you can stick with that person.
  • The Training Leader is a professional business development leader.  He has traveled the world and been involved in large business ventures.  He is also a noted personal development trainer and leader.  And accomplished at many high level personal abilities.  Truly an amazing individual.

Now, I want everyone who reads this to understand. Everything I mentioned above is 100% and totally FREE.  If you choose to buy the My Online Business Strategy system, you have access to those features of the forum for FREE.

My Online Business Strategy

“GOLD” MOBS Made Member Club

Now, I do want to be upfront and totally clear here.  Once you have taken advantage of  the FREE areas of the forum and followed their lead, you yourself will have mastered the MOBS system.

But, for those of you who want to really explode your MOBS business you can UPGRADE to the “GOLD” MOBS Made Member Club.

But understand this!….The “GOLD” upgrade is totally OPTIONAL!

You do NOT have to or will be forced to upgrade.  It gives you access to additional experts that can help you “EXPLODE” your My Online Business Strategy process while you sit back and reap the benefits.

So, I did want to bring that to your attention.  It will be explained more fully in the MOBS material you will receive. If you have any questions about that part of the forum, please send me an email or post a comment here on my website.

Well, that is the MOBS Forum for you there everyone.  It truly will be a TREND SETTER and a revolutionary aspect to internet and affiliate marketing in general.  But it will sure put Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system above and beyond all other make money online systems that exist.

See The Best Customer Support Online.  Click Here…And Find Out For Yourself!

Talk to you again soon,

Your friend….Doug

Beta Testing Update | MOBS Has Made A Sale!

2010 September 8

Hello everyone….Doug here,

I wanted to take just a moment to fill you in on the most exciting My Online Business Strategy beta testing update yet!  One of my MOBS sites has made a sale!  But here is the best part.

The Site Is Still Work In Process and Not Complete!

Now, how about them apples?

Click Here So You Can Use This Powerful Online Make Money System Now!

I think thrilled is an understatement.  More like ECSTATIC might fit how it feels to see this result from a MOBS test site! A site yet UNFINISHED!

What I have done with the site so far is put together alot of content according to Gary’s instructions.  You will see these same instructions in the My Online Business Strategy material you will get with the system.

Then I stopped at a point to see where the site would rank for the main domain keyword.  But here is the kicker.  I have NOT done any off page SEONO BACKLINKS whatsoever except for the 5 or 6 to social bookmarks to get the site ranked.  Again, this is something Gary will show you how to do in the MOBS material.

Please do not misunderstand.  When you are building MOBS sites for real (and I will continue with mine and make money from it), you will have to do some off page SEO.  Like Gary said, the My Online Business Strategy system is no magic pill of immediate riches in 1 millisecond, like other make money online systems make you believe they are.  But doing the work as Gary will outline for you, will have your My Online Business Strategy websites making you tons of money!  Enough to tell your boss at work where to shove it!  :)

Now, here is the powerful engine behind the MOBS system.  This system is structured in such a way that using the right keywords and the content alone will be a HUGE factor in allowing your site to rank high in Google in the beginning.  Notice I didn’t say #1.  That would be impossible without doing at least some off page SEO.

My Online Business StrategyCurrently, with out any off page SEO to speak off my beta test MOBS site is ranking #11 for the main domain keyword in a “Broad” search.  And ranking #14 in an “Exact” search.

Now, I had to protect the innocent and not “give up the ghost” as they say by erasing out the website URL’s of the My Online Business Strategy  and Google Sniper sites.  But these are actual results.  I will also do a video for this post if you are still a bit skeptical.

This is a fantastic result having only done one quarter of the total content that you will do on a MOBS website.  With no backlinking. Plus my site is in a relatively difficult health niche.

My Online Business StrategyNow, I will have to admit I had not looked at my Clickbank stats for my My Online Business Strategy sites in a few days.  I have 2 Clickbank accounts setup.  One for my Sniper sites and now a 2nd to track my MOBS websites. When I checked my Clickbank account for my MOBS ID and saw the sale, I had to make a double take to see if I was in the right account….LOL

But as you can see, the sale was made on Sept. 1 for $26.98.

Also, do NOT be alarmed at the $0.  Remember, I only have 2 unfinished MOBS beta test sites with no off page SEO done to them.  When you implement the full My Online Business Strategy system, you will see results like Gary Gregory sees everyday.  And that is lots of sales!

Well everyone, that about wraps things up for this post.

But I did want to show you that what Gary promised me would happen, did happen.  You can actually realize a sale with the My Online Business Strategy make money online system before you ever completely finish the website from beginning to end.

Just think of what your sales potential could be on a completely and 100% finished MOBS site fully optimized and ranking at #1 in Google.

Here is a quick video I put together that shows you more about scoring this exciting sale from the beta site.

Click Here To Get Your Very Own Copy Of My Online Business Strategy

I am getting very excited about the soon to be release of My Online Business Strategy.  And I hope you are too!

Just one other thing before I go. There is another website created by MOBS creator Gary Gregory, that provides up to the minute news and updates regarding MOBS.  I recommend you check it out and the link to that site is right here at MOBSNews.

Gotta run folks!  Will be posting another update here soon!

Your friend……….Doug

My Online Business Strategy | The Stone Cold Facts!

2010 August 16

Hi everyone….Doug here,

I’ve recently received a few emails asking great questions about Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy online business system.  With Gary priming to release this phenomenal system to the public very soon now, I think this is a good time to re-address the stone cold facts.

Click Here To Get Your Copy of This “Stone Cold Make Money Online System”!

To really stay up to date on news, be sure to grab my MOBS Pre Launch Video Tutorials. As a MOBS insider, you will know the new facts from here first!


  • Less than $100
  • Compared to other systems that DON’T work, the benefits, the support, and the effectiveness of My Online Business Strategy, a price under $100 is an absolute steal.  When I know the EXACT price you will see it here first.


  • Get this!  24 Hour LIVE on the phone or available by email immediate support!
  • This is 100% something you don’t get with other broken online business systems.  Actually you get no responses usually, and completely forgotten.

The Community

  • Gary has hand picked a select a great group of charter MOBSters to get a head start on using the MOBS online business system.
  • The purpose of the charter group is to understand the system inside and out.  And be the initial members of a support community to help new MOBSters with the system, if any is necessary.
  • No other system to make money online comes with such a support group.  You will be provided information on how to get in touch with the My Online Business Strategy community.

My Online Business Strategy

Who Is Gary Gregory?

  • Quite simply, an experienced and successful online business owner.
  • The MOBS creator who devoted 2 years to developing and perfecting this system.
  • Someone who earns a 6 figure annual income, JUST from MOBS alone.
  • A Google Sniper coach and creator of the Google Sniper Keywords Report
  • The most successful Google Sniper user in history.  Who has created hundreds of sites that make an additional 6 figure income from Sniper sites alone.
  • Someone who is “sick and tired” of the scam artist internet marketers.  Whose only goal is to “push” a flawed, hyped up fad of a product, only to quit quickly and move on to the next “Big” marketing product.
  • An online mentor to so many.
  • And a friend…..Not only to his coaching students but to all internet and affiliate marketers everywhere.  This is why he wants to release the My Online Business Strategy system.

How Long Will My Online Business Strategy Be Available To The Public?

  • Gary promises the product, the LIVE support, and the help community will be available forever!
  • The product was developed as a LONG TERM online business solution.
  • Gary is “proud” of MOBS and wants it to be the system of choice and success for all online marketers.

Will MOBS cost me ALOT of money after I buy it?

  • Absolutely NOT!
  • All the tools you will use to build your MOBS sites are FREE!
  • See my My Online Business Strategy Pre-Launch Video Tutorials for yourself to view some of the free tools.
  • NO Upsells!
  • No Monthly Memberships or Subscriptions
  • No Re-curring costs that you might forget to cancel.
  • NO hidden costs or fees
  • NO expensive add ons.
  • Pay 1 Price and DONE!

Is MOBS Easy to Use and Understand?

  • MOBS is extremely simple to use and understand.
  • It is a “Complete” system, end to end
  • Not too technical in nature
  • The process is very comprehensive but easy to follow so you won’t suffer from information overload.  The instructions are very detailed and provides you Steps A – Z without 1 single step missing.

Can I Really Use This System By Itself for My Online Business?

  • The My Online Business Strategy system is built to be a stand alone, complete system.
  • It is also designed to be the “only” online business system  you will need for your business.

Is MOBS Just Another Scam, Get Rick Quick Product That Does Not Work?

  • NO! MOBS is a genuine, “real”, effective, thorough, productive, efficient and complete business system.
  • An entire Business Plan went behind creating the My Online Business Strategy process.  And Gary’s success proves it!
  • Gary is a real and genuine person.  And he is a “perfectionist”  With those attributes, you will only get the BEST!

Will It Work?

  • Check out My Online Business Strategy testing results from my beta testing and see for yourself.
  • And stayed tuned for additional testing updates.

What is one of the aspects of MOBS you like best?

  • Gary will donate a portion of the proceeds from each MOBS purchase to Spirit Quilts.
  • Spirit Quilts is a non profit charity that makes quilts, chair covers, etc for those who are less fortunate, very sick, or ill.
  • Spirit Quilts is owned by Gary’s wife and is a wonderful charity that gives back to the community.

There you have it everyone.  An updated summary of what the My Online Business Strategy system is all about!

Again, sign up for the MOBS Pre-Launch Video Tutorials and get prepared to hit the ground running come launch day!  Coming Soon!

Put what you learned from the Pre-Launch Video Tutorials and:

Click Here To Start Making Money With My Online Business Strategy

And for more fantastic and exclusive MOBS news, go check out Gary’s My Online Business Strategy News site.

Thanks everyone and will post another update soon!

Your friend…….Doug

My Online Business Strategy | More Than A Great Online Business System – It’s A Community!

2010 July 17

Hi everyone……Doug here,

I wanted to take a second and provide everyone an update about Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system.  Today, I had the distinct pleasure to be part of a conference call with Gary and a core group of first class MOBSters.  You should know that the groundwork is being laid for what will be a fantastic core MOBS support group.  But the biggest aspect that came out of that important call is the MOBS system is not just a strong, solid, and effective online business system, it is part of what will become a strong support community.

Become Part Of A Support Community

Once you obtain your copy of My Online Business Strategy, you will also become part of that ever growing community.  I am not talking about paying anything extra to join a fan club or forum.  Once you have MOBS for yourself, you automatically become a true MOBSter and personally part of a fantastic support group.  All MOBSters as collective allies, will join together to help other MOBsters when necessary.  Gary wants to release the My Online Business Strategy system because it is not only an effective and powerful system for making money online, it is about you as a person.  Not just a program that is pitched to you where you are then forgotten about.

If you ever have any problem with the My Online Business Strategy system, you will have direct access to LIVE support.  Something you do NOT find in any other online business system prorduct.  Even so, you also get the free support of the other MOBSters just by becoming a MOBSter yourself.  And that group starts with Gary Gregory himself and the group of fine individuals, from around the world, I had an opportunity to speak with today.

Why My Online Business Strategy Community Will Be Useful For You

  • The MOBS system is a method of making money online that will exist forever!  Not “here you go”, then forget about it
  • MOBS will be the first and last place you will ever have to stop for starting your online business
  • My Online Business Strategy will make you money, on it’s own, for years to come.

As you can see from those 3 bullet points, having a supportive MOBS community comprised of willing and experienced fellow MOBSters will benefit you for the lifetime of  your online business.  The best part about all of this is, MOBS truly is a system that will get you to where you want to be in life:

  • Spiritually
  • Psychologically, and best of all
  • Financially

MOBS really is a different beast when it comes to the online marketing world.  A real system, developed by a real person, with a true heart, with real LIVE support, and a top notch My Online Business Strategy Community comprised of real people.

Help Support Spirit Quilts With Your MOBS Purchase!

One great thing I learned from Gary today was a percentage of each MOBS purchase will be donated directly to Spirit Quilts.  Spirit Quilts is a wonderful non profit charity that was established by Gary’s wife, JayaMae,  that helps out many wonderful charitable organizations with their quilting projects.  I hope you can spend a few minutes checking out such a wonderful organization.  And it really feels great that a portion of your MOBS purchase will go to directly to supporting such a fine cause.

With My Online Business Strategy, everybody is a winner! So……

Click Here To Become A Part Of This World Winning MOBS Community!

Talk to you again soon everyone and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Your friend…..


FREE Pre-launch MOBS Video Tutorial Series

2010 July 11

Be Prepared For The Release Of My Online Business Strategy!

My Online Business Strategy

Hi everyone…….Doug here,

As a sincere thank you to those who have visited my site here, I am very excited to announce the MOBS pre-launch release of a very detailed and comprehensive 100% video tutorial series that covers everything you need to know to be prepared for the release of My Online Business Strategy in August 2010.

With 2 actual MOBS sites in process, I learned that masterminding the planning and technical aspects of building a MOBS site before hand would help you hit the ground running and be ahead of the game once you received Gary Gregory’s total MOBS system for yourself.

Powered by Wordpress, there are some unique technical tricks you have to apply to make your site, a true MOBS website.

In these videos, you will watch over my shoulder as I show you the following:

  • Free Resources & Tools – How To Use Them in fine MOBS fashion
  • Keyword Research & Tips – The My Online Business Strategy way.
  • Choosing a Web Hosting Company and Registering a Domain Name
  • Go right into my CPanel to setup MOBS site email and Wordpress
  • Customize Wordpress, setup plugins and…..
  • HTML Tricks to produce a “true” MOBS site.

No stone is left unturned.  And my true hope is that you will find these videos helpful and more comfortable with mastering MOBS once you receive Gary’s My Online Strategy system for yourself.

Go Here! To Grab Your Copy Of MOBS! Available Now!

I truly believe you will get a lot from the videos.  And please feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the MOBS video tutorials.



MOBS Article Directory Now Online!

2010 July 10

My Online Business StrategyHi everyone…..Doug here,

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!  But I just wanted to post an update to inform you I have created a new My Online Business Strategy Article Directory here on my site for your perusal.  To reach the directory, Click Here.

The MOBS Article Directory contains 11 articles I’ve authored and published online to provide specific details on information, benefits, and my personal thoughts about Gary Gregory’s MOBS system.  These articles cover every single facet about what will be the most unheralded,  unprecedented, and revolutionary online business system ever released.

The articles are written from different angles ranging from how My Online Business Strategy is the system of choice for new affiliate and internet marketers all the way to why MOBS is by far a spectacular example of a true “customer first” product.

If you have any questions or want to know more about MOBS, hopefully the answer is provided in 1 of the 11 articles.  Again, to reach the articles, go check out the My Online Business Strategy Article Directory.  Or visit the index button at the top of this page.

Oh, I almost forgot, keep checking back here often as I will soon be making a HUGE announcement that you certainly don’t want to miss out on!  You can also monitor that announcement on my Facebook page or my Twitter posts.

Hope everyone is having the best summer yet!  August will soon be here!

Best Regards to everyone….your friend…Doug

A Surprising But Fantastic MOBS Update!

2010 June 18

Hi everyone…..Doug here,

I did not plan to post an update on My Online Business Strategy website so soon.  But I thought for those following developments closely about Gary Gregory’s MOBS system for making money online, this announcement warranted immediate communication.

Today is Day 14 since I started putting together my first MOBS site to test.  And I have not put up any more content on the site since my last post 2 days ago.  I decided to let it sit for a bit while I caught up on some other things.

I decided to check the sites Google ranking early this evening and to my shock and surprise it is:

Ranking #3 on Google’s 1st Page


  • Haven’t touched the site in 2 days
  • The site has existed for only 14 days
  • The site is still yet unfinished,
  • But most of all, I have NOT done any off page SEO.  None, 0, Nada, Zero………….

That is not to say I won’t have to do some later but so far Gary’s My Online Business Strategy method is holding it’s own for my focus keyword, in a hard niche.  To say I am STOKED and EXCITED about this result is probably an understatement!

Here is a screen shot of the Page Ranker from this evening.  Again, I blocked out most of the details on the ranker.  I don’t want to “give up the ghost” about My Online Business Strategy prior to Gary’s launch but this is a legitimate screen shot of the actual results.  The site is ranking #3 for both the Broad and [Exact] keyword phrase.My Online Business Strategy

So far I am very impressed with what I am seeing so far.  Gary indicated before I ever started on this site that  I would see the power in the engine behind his system and he was telling the truth.

The really neat part about My Online Business Strategy is that I legitimately have an opportunity to make a sale from this site before it’s ever finished.

My aim this weekend is to build some more content using Gary’s instructions to see if I can push this sucker to #1 and see what happens after that.

My Online Business Strategy is a really fun system.  And I have enjoyed every bit of putting the first site together and seeing the results should drive your adrenaline to keep at it.

Click Here To Receive Your Copy Of This Powerful Online Money Making System!

Have a great weekend everybody and talk to you soon!

Your friend….Doug

My Online Business Strategy | Testing Update

2010 June 16

Update! My Online Business Strategy Testing Experience

Hi everyone..Doug here,

I apologize for the LOUD headline….sorry……..But wanted to make sure you were aware that this post is to bring you up to date on my actual testing experience so far of Gary Gregory’s revolutionary My Online Business Strategy online business system for making money online.

JUST A REMINDER! This site is the ONLY place you will find hands on information from someone who is actually building MOBS sites prior to it being released to the public, so this is pure hands on, exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else. :)

Ok, firstly, I want to provide you with some cold hard facts about My Online Business Strategy that I’ve learned from my testing of this system so far:

  • It is completely UNIQUE!  MOBS is different from anything I’ve ever seen or used before to make money online.  It is NOT, I repeat, NOT somebody else’s system, taken, re-hashed, and re-packaged into something else with a new name.    My Online Business Strategy is totally Gary Gregory’s creation.
  • The sites are EASY to setup and the process is extremely EASY to follow and understand.  You do NOT have to learn difficult HTML or CSS to build the sites or use expensive,  technical software, such as Dreamweaver or Joomla to build a website. Your sites use Wordpress as it’s foundation.   But Gary will fully explain any technical details that might stump you at first.
  • It is POWERFUL!.  When I say powerful, I’m talking about how the My Online Business Strategy site building process itself is formulated to push your site up Google’s rankings FAST! Before the word “backlink” ever enters your mind.  I am going to present you with some hard data about the Google rankings later in this post…………………….
  • All FREE resources!  All of the added resources and extra tools you need for a MOBS site will be completely FREE.  This includes what you will use for keyword research, getting content for your site, site theme, site cosmetics, etc.  You do NOT have to go buy some expensive keyword research tool with a monthly subscription in order to find the right keywords.


To date I am about 3/4 complete with my first My Online Business Strategy site and about a 1/4 way through a 2nd MOBS site.  My aim is to learn the following:

  1. How long it takes to build a 2nd site after learning the process through the 1st site.
  2. How soon the sites get ranked within the 1st 10 pages of Google
  3. How the Google rankings changed as I added more content
  4. When the sites make it to the 1st page of Google
  5. When the sites rank in the top 5 of Google (not #1, being realistic here)
  6. When the FIRST SALE occurs!  :)

Just to name a few………………..

I purposely:

  • Chose a hard, more saturated niche for the 1st MOBS site.  With a much higher number of competing websites.
  • Chose an easier, less saturated niche for the 2nd site.  With a lower number of competing websites.
  • Added more content daily – IMPORTANT!!!!!
  • No backlinking at all, except 4 or 5 social bookmarks to get the site indexed

All of the results I am seeing so far comes directly from the first My Online Business Strategy website that is using the harder, much tougher niche to crack.  I am still not far enough into the 2nd site to provide you any accurate data yet but will update when I do.  Also, will provide better insight later in a site to site speed and ranking comparison once I get more content on the 2nd MOBS site.

So far with my first MOBS site:

  • My initial publish included focus on 2 keywords with 2 posts of content plus Contact, Privacy, etc to give Google good content for the spider to crawl.
  • Day 2 – 4….Google ranking was no where to be found :(
  • Day 5….The domain name was ranked 87th for [Exact] keyword according to my “Rank Checker” tool. 125th with Broad keyword phrase
  • Keep adding more content and additional keywords to focus on.
  • Day 6 – 11….Google ranking goes between 8 – 64 for [Exact] main domain URL keyword phrase and 16 – 103 for Broad keyword phrase
  • Day 12 MILESTONE – Main domain URL [Exact] keyword phrase hit #5 and Broad Phrase ranks #8

Still NO SALE but to achieve that kind of result in 12 days in Google with NO backlinking in a hard niche is pretty darn good in my book.

I am going to keep adding content to the 1st My Online Business Strategy website until it’s 100% complete and then set a new starting point to see how the ranking standsand how it finally lands with a finished site and no backlinks.

I am also going to spend more time on the 2nd site to compare how it ranks being in that it is in an easier niche with less competing websites.

Here are a couple of images of the Rank Checker tool as proof.  Guys, I needed to remove some sensitive info before posting this.  Don’t want to “give away the ghost” as they say prior to Gary’s launch!

My Online Business StrategyMy Online Business Strategy

Now……………………………………REALITY CHECK!!

What I would like for you to understand  is that the My Online Business Strategy is a full, complete, comprehensive, step by step, and detailed system for making money online.  It is a high quality, full process that will take work, diligence, effort, work ethic, and most of all PATIENCE and FOCUS!  When I say the word EASY, I am strictly talking about the MOBS process itself.  But, you must know that My Online Business Strategy is:

  • NOT a get rich quick scheme.
  • NOT a magic pill for getting rich overnight
  • NOT the lottery
  • NOT filled with outrageous and crazy promises of riches and becoming a Google Dominator in 2 days

MOBS is a system Gary Gregory has proven will work if YOU put the effort in to make it work.  He is gracious enough to provide all of us this fantastic system for starting an online business. You have to treat it like a job and do this yourself.  This isn’t like a grade school project where we once could get our parents to do it for us. :)   But with hard work, comes great rewards!

In the mean time, if you have any questions at all about MOBS, please feel free to Contact Me


Join the MOBS discussion here at the Warrior Forum

I will update you more later on how the testing is going.  But right now, I have 2 words about Gary’s My Online Business Strategy system.


See you soon!  Your friend……..Doug