Will Pokemon Go Play A Huge Role in SEO?

All sizes of businesses have been keen on the success of Pokemon Go. Niantic’s amazing application letting consumers catch monsters appearing on an augmented reality produced by their phone had led them to different locations.

Having a ‘lure party’ to attract more Pokemon in an establishment raises its profit likelihood by 80%.

But you might say that’s the neighbourhood, the real world.

In SEO would it amount to anything?

Sponsored Locations

According to John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO, sponsored locations are about to arrive.

If your shop is anywhere close to a Pokestop, you are in luck. But if you had the power to buy these Pokestops, your SEO just gains another foothold.

If you could confirm that is so, you could create a map outlining other businesses that are Pokestops and maybe even include the gyms and best areas to catch certain Pokemon.

As a useful resource in the web, you know what your site — and your business — would soon become.

Target Them

People of all ages, including those above 70, are playing the latest craze the world has seen. Target the players. Create products targeted around Pokemon and the intended audience.

Create events that cater to these players and use the Lure modules, an in-game product to attract Pokemon, to your advantage.

Three Ways To Choose The Right Website Layout

you’re not the type of person who would spend at least 30 minutes trying to look for a perfect theme for your website (assuming you’re using WordPress), well, you should be.

A website theme is equivalent to your office. To get a great theme, you must be willing to shell out a bit of money in the process. Attractiveness, presence and convenience are three factors in choosing the right website layout.


Why did Microsoft’s Windows OS win over so many companies that today it’s impartial to defeat the OS without imitating it?

Well, it’s because it’s user-friendly and intuitive. Design and concept is something you pay companies and experts grandiosely. While you might say the parts of the machine are expensive, the design that came from behind it is much more.

So choosing the right website layout must include the smallest of details that would make things convenient for your clients – all of it should have the same treatment.

Material Design

Google’s concept of Material design is not too expensive. Instead of relying on so many details, the concept relies on ‘easy-looking’ functions that define things simplistically. It is a blend between much colour and minimalism. The latter is effective because it limits the thought that comes with the initial view of a website.

Basic colours can be helpful in your end. But if you’re a cutting-edge fashion styling company, additional colours might be needed. But you must also consider knowing about contrasts if you need to add such additional details.

Clean Codes

If you’re not a nut about codes, maybe you should be. Inspect the codes of the html properly; sometimes, they’re not too cleanly-coded. That goes for about 20% of the WordPress theme developing community.

But for most of what you’ll be choosing you can get a clean code.

The consequences for troubling codes would mean unnecessary consumption of hardware resources or bandwidth for your website design and slow-loading, which could affect item number 1 in this list.

Defining “Well-Researched” In Three Ways

Abound in the Internet are loads of information that are based on speculation or pure imagination without the facts that support it.

However, people in the Internet aren’t scholars. They only need true information that can help resolve their troubles.

So how do you find a balance to produce “well-researched” high-quality content nowadays?

Uses Expert Advice

Expert advice or statements is one way to prove that your work is factual or rather your speculation. While it would help to use experts’ conjectures when creating your content, asking them directly about your speculation is a big plus. You could use a survey and you may be lucky enough an expert honours you the time to answer your inquiries.

Uses Respected Literature

Remember doing your thesis project? You need a scope and you need to use literature. By reviewing related literature or articles in the past, you could create speculations based on the ideas of researchers from the past.

Meanwhile, you should also cite literature to prove your other points as this will help in making your research for content factual with evidence.

You Are An Authority

If you are an experienced individual in the field or study, your say can definitely make you an authority. You won’t need to cite any sources if you are the one to perform your experiments or trials to prove your point.

Three Best Ways To Create Great Client Lists In Forums

Creating good business is about the knowledge of talking to people or sending the right type of message to potential clients. More crucial, however, is knowing where the clients come from.

Forums are a great way to share information to other people. It’s also a great way to create professional networks. Business owners of marketing companies can then open up topics about marketing. This is their ‘insertion point’ into helping professionals venture into their business of online marketing.

Never Say You’re An Advertiser

Never introduce yourself as someone who advertises or someone who appears to be advertising their marketing and advertising services.

Don’t go forward with a “my name is Dwight and I can help you for your advertising needs.” People will only go for people they can trust to provide excellent service. This would mean developing goodwill and trust within the forum’s ranks.

Specialist Information

As some forums might not have their own marketing thread yet, it would be best you begin with one. But again, never introduce yourself as a digital marketing expert or anything of the sort. Instead, tell them about some introductory knowledge regarding marketing their businesses and industries online.

You might be surprised at the number of respondents you might get!

Be The Go-To Guy

As the go-to guy, they expect you to have simple solutions for their marketing problems. If the solution will take more time, you could tell your forum clients you will need to charge for your research time and implementation. Include every detail that you could charge honestly for.

The Three Best Story Types Blogs That Would Sell in 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you use writing or do a video log of your own mug to tell your story to the Internet. Many people will care about a certain topic. While most will welcome and un-welcome your statements, you are still noticed and you can still earn traffic.

The types of stories sell today are the following according to our observation.

Extreme Personal Experience

Writing about your extreme personal experience about a certain topic is similar to strapping a GoPro next to your helmet as you go down a mountain bike run 5000 feet in the air. Extreme means powerful, involved and deep.

Stories about relationships and including all details have ranked highly in social media. Meanwhile, extreme or unique experiences with science and unnatural experiences have also ranked highly online.

Milestone Lists

What individuals must have achieved in their 20s or 30s lists will continue to be famous by 2016. Many in the age bracket, all involved with technology and consume the Internet as part of their daily routine, need direction and guidance. Your posts matter greatly to the age group you are writing a milestone list.

Opinions on Current Events

If you have opinions on current events, using a video blog or vlog can show your opinions in an emotional and passionate way. Audiences are likely to react to passionate statements regarding political, environmental and other issues that are a major concern in the world and the Internet. Search trending topics and provide your piece of mind

The Pinterest Difference For Your Marketing Strategies In Three Explanations

Remember that time you hooked up a large bulletin corkboard in your room? Then you read magazines, clipped some recipes, movies, music, and even entire articles out and pinned them on your corkboard? That’s actually Pinterest. But you probably wonder how the corkboard-pinning idea could ever help your business.


Allow me to explain three principles why it is such a cost-free solution.

Idea Board

Pinterest is an idea board. When you find an idea to pin to your board, you will always remember that brand that gave you the idea.

At a time where the Internet is not an advertising outlet similar to television and a powerful idea is the only way to market, Pinterest is where you can create your brand as a reliable source of information for a certain niche or topic.

Marketing Area

In turn, with more ideas, you could use Pinterest as your marketing area. Develop new ideas using the products and services your company has.

With visual content becoming the weapon of choice for most marketers, why not take the clip-and-pin approach to marketing your products and services? It’s not as direct as videos, but it’s as memorable as clipping a magazine, which is a great feeling!

Business Booster

Pinterest is also a search engine, meaning people could look for your content using valid keywords. Using a bit of SEO and keyword strategies, people can find your blog quickly.

Invest time to optimise your posts and you’ll see the results almost immediately!

Informed Public Responds Greatly To Top-Notch Storytelling

Any business, even if it’s a comedy website or a technically-charged industry, has technicalities surrounding the mechanisms that allow it to function as it is. Comedy takes into account public opinion, freedom of speech, pop culture references and an understanding of where and when to take things lightly and to place pressure on things that aren’t (using contrasts). Meanwhile, technical industries try to explain so much about the magic behind-the-scenes, but find that most in the public may find it boring.

Recent efforts by industry specialists focused on making technical information entertaining through video storytelling and infographics. Colours and images immensely helped plenty of industry-leading campaigns to make any lightly-informed neighbourhood understand the main function of their products and services.

Under close observation from Internet marketing specialists, the informed public responds greatly to stories that talk about the successes of the company after an imposed challenge. Responding to a challenge is also another type of storytelling mechanism that allows industry-level companies to show some emotional content with their blogs. People want to see industries push the boundaries, which make their work extremely significant for the rest of the world.

A great example of this is NASA’s entertaining blog and IFLS. Both do a great job of not focusing much on the technical aspects of their work (instead leaving links for jargon-junkies and industry experts) and instead set their sights on talking about the technology, achievement or discovery’s significance is for the entire world.

Pin Your Interest: Three Ways To Use Images In Improving Your Social Media Posts!

Social media isn’t all about personal sharing any longer. Businesses have created their profiles and have introduced themselves to their customers as an invaluable part of the industry. Social sharing has made it convenient for people to share things with others helping businesses turn their attraction into profit. So, how do they do it exactly?

1. Pinning

As said in the title, pin-able images may not seem much, but people save images to help them remember content they want to look at and reference again. Infographics have become a staple for Pinterest. Adding a title, along with a link heading to your blog, can help boost your traffic.


2. Share Buttons

You might think it’s annoying, but share buttons that hover around your content encourages readers to share your information. When people see how many shares it has and they see the great content you have, they’ll want to share the information with their friends too.

Recall among readers is higher especially when the buttons are customised. It’s also better if you add a sharing message whenever you could, which includes a customised status update for your readers. No, they won’t find it annoying. Many actually find it useful

3.Write Good Content

Nothing beats well-researched and well-written content. Content that has valuable and helpful information is the key to better audience response. It also helps you branch out your brand and be more personal in your approach when handling insider knowledge exclusive only to you.

Three Likely Details Proprietors Forget That Put Off Investor Interest

You may have made the innovation of the year, but the credibility of your idea is not enough to satisfy investors. Venture capitalists differ in the businesses they are likely to support and likely to drown in the pool of aspiring entrepreneurs. Understanding the investors and their interests is vital to ensuring you can get investment and financing.


  1. Portfolio

Review the angel investor or venture capitalist’s portfolio of recent investments and their growth. Not only will the portfolio help you know what they expect from you. It will tell you about the interest of your investors, what characteristic of a business are they looking for, the plans they have for their own capital and the trend of the companies they invest in. Most business proprietors fail to position themselves properly by not considering these small factors for business growth.

  1. Personal Profile

Understand that venture capitalist representatives are more important at the moment than the portfolio of the company itself. They are sent to you because they are knowledgeable about the venture capitalist’s interests. However, they have interests of their own. Be observant in terms of their body language, the way they speak, their understanding of your industry, both them and your potential venture capitalist. From here, you could avoid providing misguiding information that could cost you your pitch.

  1. Words and Terms Used

Representatives can be keen on the words and definitions you use when pitching a start-up idea. Your words and your lexicon also weighs heavily in their decision to see whether you are a capable person or someone incapable of handling the smallest details needed in putting up a business. Talking properly and communicating effectively is highly important.

Content Curation Could Do Wonders For Your Business

The internet is full of high quality content and content curating websites act as publishers that build reputation by delivering high end content to subscribers. While content creation is still favourable for SEO, the large amount of media available over the internet will make it harder to cut through the shuffle of internet media despite its uniqueness.


For businesses, curation is helpful because it saves time. A researcher could surf the internet during work and off-work hours for interesting and related content for your website. Compiling the videos, your website only needs to choose which ones to publish at certain times to generate traffic.

Curating also saves bandwidth. Most video sharing websites feature embedding, which ensure they are endorsed as repositories while your website is identified as the publisher.

This is highly useful especially if your business is using a social media platform to boost your business traffic and likelihood for being viral. Your curation of content could come from a variety of media, including photos and music that you did not create, but you could publish on your website.

Website owners do need to beware of publishing copyrights. If the media has a copyright, re-publishing it to your website could incur some serious penalties.